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Makka Polestar Set To Hit US Market in September 2022 Will It Compete With The Airbike Mx5 Electric Bike?

Even at first glance, there is a big difference between the Makka Polestar and The Airbike Mx5. With a range of 50km, The Makka outperforms the MX5’s average range is…

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Jurassic World Cookbook

Best Father’s Day Gifts For 2022

If you’re searching for the best Father’s Day gifts of 2022, well the day is fast approaching, and who knows dad best? His family! Although finding that perfect gift can be a…

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Full Electric or Hybrid? The Choice Is Yours

Full Electric Or Hybrid? The Choice Is Yours

If you are planning to go green with your driving you have a choice to make; full electric or hybrid? The choice is yours. Each has its own pros and…

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