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Cognito Forms Announces New Workflow Preview

Cognito Forms is a powerful online form builder that is also easy to use. This makes it possible for anyone to take complicated or time-consuming processes and make them simple. Users can... Read more »
Solar Lawn Mowers

Moreton Bay Going Green As It Mows The Lawn

Solar-powered commercial mowers have been on the market since 2016. Known whimsically as S.A.M, short for Solar Assisted Mowers they boast a much more critical use of hybrid construction materials such as... Read more »
Wind Energy

America’s first large-scale offshore wind power project

The Biden administration has approved America's first large-scale offshore wind power project. Lisa Fletcher takes a look at the pros and cons of reaping the wind. Two centuries ago, New Bedford, Massachusetts... Read more »

Instagram Scammers Stealing Selfies According to MalwareBytes

What would you do if a friend created an NSFW account and then followed you on Instagram with it? The account didn't belong to the true owner; it was created in her... Read more »
Ford Electric Cars

Ford Recalls 50.000 Electric Cars

Ford announced that it will recall nearly 50,000 electric cars due to a defect in the batteries. This could cause a loss of power when driving. Ford stated that it is currently... Read more »
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New update to Microsoft Word will make it easier to create the perfect Microsoft Word document

A new update to Microsoft Word will make it easier to create the perfect Microsoft Word document. Microsoft has announced that it is working on a major upgrade to Word, which will... Read more »

5 most significant software updates coming to Apple gadgets in 2022 – The Open News

Here are the main software updates you can anticipate on your Apple gadgets. Mac as of late held its yearly Worldwide… Here are the main software updates you can anticipate on your... Read more »

Mastercard expands the facility to buy NFT with card payments

Mastercard, a global payment provider, has expanded its non-fungible token (NFT) offerings through its card payments. Through its partnership with various metaverse companies, such as Spring, Immutable X, and Sandbox, it can... Read more »

E.U. demands common charging port for all smartphones by 2024

The European Union will require all new smartphones and tablets sold within its borders to have a common charging port by the fall of 2024 — and laptops by 2026 — under... Read more »
Makka Design

Makka Polestar Set To Hit US Market in September 2022 Will It Compete With The Airbike Mx5 Electric Bike?

Even at first glance, there is a big difference between the Makka Polestar and The Airbike Mx5. With a range of 50km, The Makka outperforms the MX5's average range is 15 –... Read more »