Browser vulnerabilities discovered

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team Discovers Bugs and Vulnerabilities in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

After warning users about bugs in Google Chrome for desktop, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has now cautioned against multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox products that can let hackers compromise... Read more »
Tamil teen claims to have designed Raffi, a robot with emotions

Tamil teen claims to have designed Raffi, a robot with emotions

Raffi, my robot, can answer queries. If you scold him, he wont answer your queries until you apologize. It can even understand you if you're sad: However, we haven't come across any... Read more »
Analyst reacts strongly to news Oracle has ‘surveillance machine’

Analyst reacts strongly to news Oracle has ‘surveillance machine’

Akwetey was responding to news of a class action lawsuit filed last Friday against Oracle Corp., which stated that the company has detailed personal information on the buying habits of an estimated... Read more »
Organoids in a Petri dish

Engineers create the world’s tiniest EEG electrode cap

Johns Hopkins University scientists have developed small EEG caps for brain organoids. The group took its cues from human patients' full-size EEG helmets, which are used to measure brain activity. When attaching... Read more »
Google AI

Google AI mistakenly reports dad as a potential abuser for taking naked photos of his sick toddler

Tech giant Google's artificial intelligence (AI) has reportedly flagged parents' accounts for potential abuse over nude photos of their sick kids. According to the father, the tech giant labeled the photos as... Read more »
Cyber stalking

How to you deal with a cyberstalker?

Cyberstalking can occur from sharing details of our lives on social media. So what can you do if a cyberstalker is following you? What safeguards can you take? The act of cyberstalking... Read more »
Top Crypto Movers This Week

Top Crypto Movers This Week

This week the cryptocurrency market started out with high hopes and by Friday it was back down again. This highlights the volatility of the crypto market and why you should always be... Read more »
TikTok mines user data

TikTok poses “unacceptable security risk” and should be banned from app stores according to the FCC

Federal Communications Commission commissioner Brendan Carr urged Apple and Google CEOs to remove TikTok from their app marketplaces. “TikTok creates an intolerable national security risk owing to its vast data collection being... Read more »
computer parts

Paying less for computer accessories is not so hard

Investing in computer accessories might help you cut costs on your computing requirements. Despite the wide variety of computer peripherals, this post will concentrate on getting discounts on keyboards and mouse. You... Read more »
Google App store

Google and U.S. developers reach agreement over Google Play store

In a blog post published on Friday, Google announced that it has settled a lawsuit with app developers for $90 million. The developers claimed that the inventor of Android had unfairly utilized... Read more »
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