Micro Plastics Discovered In Antarctic Snow For the First Time

While most people think of Antarctica as a relatively untouched region, a new study has revealed the presence of plastic debris in the snow. This is the first time that microplastics have... Read more »
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Lettuce shortages force KFC branches in Australia to use cabbage in burgers and wraps

KFC has started using a mix of lettuce and cabbage in its burgers and wraps in Australia as it faces shortages of lettuce caused by extreme flooding, BBC News reported. The fast-food... Read more »
Sloth Bear

Bear kills Indian couple on their way back from Khermai temple, eats bodies for hours

Bear kills Indian couple on their way back from temple, eats bodies for hours In India, a sloth bear killed a man and woman before feeding for hours on their corpses. Authorities... Read more »
Sick pelican

Sick and Starving Pelicans Along The Coast Of California May Be Linked To Shortage Of Food Supply

LAST UPDATED: JUNE 2nd 2022 The staff at the Wildlife Care Center in San Diego is struggling to care for over 40 sick and starving brown pelicans. The birds were first spotted... Read more »