Neogap appoints new Chief Medical Officer

Neogap Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on developing personalised cancer immunotherapy, announced today the appointment of Dr. Hanjing Xie as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), starting from 21 March. Dr. Xie... Read more »
Smoking vaping e-cigarette

How Technology Can Help You Quit Tobacco in Stoptober – Newsgrab

Smoking is one of those remnant activities from the last century, that seems hard to beat for some. In this article, Newsgrab takes a closer look at how technology might actually help... Read more »
Research suggests incarceration linked to higher cancer mortality

Research suggests incarceration linked to higher cancer mortality

A higher risk of cancer mortality has been found in incarcerated adults and among those diagnosed with cancer in the first year after release from prison, according to new research from Yale... Read more »
Nature Vs Nurture In Longevity

What Does Science Say About Nature Vs Nurture In Longevity?

The standing desk fad, and disastrous future outcomes for those who followed it, happened because epidemiologists correlated sitting and ‘higher risk' of death. Obviously there is a 100 percent chance of dying... Read more »
E. coli engineered from stool samples can survive the hostile gut environment long enough to treat disease

E. coli engineered from stool samples can survive the hostile gut environment long enough to treat disease

Scientists have long tried to introduce genetically engineered bacteria into the gut to treat diseases. In the past, these attempts have focused on engineering common lab strains of E. coli, which cannot... Read more »
AHA Journals

AHA Journals reported study on napping may be misleading

CNN's recently reported a story titled ‘Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study finds' may be misleading. The researchers, Min-jing Yang, Zhong Zhang, Yi-jing Wang, Jin-chen Li, Qu-lian Guo,... Read more »
ppd allergic reaction

Hair dye (PPD) allergy, your local nature shop may be the answer

You have been dyeing your hair for years, suddenly after dyeing your hair you get a few red bumps and your head feels itchy and looks a bit red, nothing wrong you... Read more »
Cannabis Gummies

What you should know before you buy weed edibles online

The cannabis plant is widely used all around the world. It has been used for medicinal purposes and a wide range of other diseases. Additionally, it can be a useful component of... Read more »
Woman drinking coffee

Research shows coffee may be linked to headaches and withdrawal symptoms

We all drink it in the morning and throughout the day, but could that daily dose of caffeine be the source of your headaches? Caffeine may be our preferred drug, but if... Read more »
Dietary Supplements

Forward-looking consumer insights drive what’s next for dietary supplements

To help encourage more people to add supplements to their daily routines, brands need a deeper understanding of the consumer landscape. Everyone was affected differently by the pandemic; however, one thing many... Read more »
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