New update to Microsoft Word will make it easier to create the perfect Microsoft Word document

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A new update to Microsoft Word will make it easier to create the perfect Microsoft Word document.

Microsoft has announced that it is working on a major upgrade to Word, which will allow users to quickly switch between editing, reviewing, or viewing a document.

Microsoft LogoThis feature was already available on Google Docs for a while, but it will now be available online for Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac users.

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The update was first announced in May 2022 when Microsoft made it available to Microsoft Word web users and a few beta channel insiders.

An entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap states that desktop Microsoft Word for Windows users and Mac users will be able to benefit from the change by July 2022.

The Microsoft Word ribbon will now display a new Editing button. Clicking this button will open up three options. By default, Editing is enabled. Reviewing allows users to make changes to the document. Viewing allows you to view the document and not make any changes.

Microsoft states that Track Changes is automatically turned on. If you open a document that you don't have review or edit permissions for, you will still be able access it but not be able to switch between Editing and Reviewing modes.

This news is just the latest in a series that has been made to Microsoft Word. It will continue to be useful for users around the world. The Editor Text Predictions tool predicts your next words and suggests words and phrases as you type. This could help slow typists speed up the writing process.

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