World Premiere on Curaçao

Quantiversum Portal

Curaçao is going to be the first country in the world with a ” Quantiversum Portal.”
The four-meter-high structure will be located at a high point on Seru Kabaje.

The “Quantiversum Portal” is a connection between all existing dimensions and it shows
that earthly life is completely different from what we are led to believe.

The construction of the object is in full swing and the Portal is scheduled to reveal its many worlds in full force by the end of next year.

Both the “old” and the “new” world are united in over 80 symbols and are the keys needed to see True Life.

Not knowing what is coming and the possible dangers, it will not yet be possible to visit the Portal. Because it is not yet known the true forces that will be released.

Though the whole thing can be found on a special website that has been following and describing the world of “Quantum Energy” for quite some time.


John H Baselmans-Oracle
Dokterstuin 237
Whatsapp: +59995603914

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