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Women Love Tech

Protecting Women Online – The Haurun Club: Exclusive Private Members Website and App

Protecting Women Online!

Online Security and Privacy for women (and men) and anyone with an interest in privacy and security – online social networking.

I have just returned from a break (working on occasion) to receive interest from new Partners looking for international donations and a lovely article by Emma Crameri who is, in summary, promoting our diligent, invitation-only, membership process and The Haurun Club generally.

With the ongoing current concerns and future unknowns to Artificial Intelligence, news fake and the recent example of duplicated profiles of teenage girls openly paraded as naked images. (Guardian – A Spanish prosecutor’s office has said it will investigate whether AI-generated images of naked teenage girls, allegedly created and shared by their peers in south-western Spain, constitute a crime.) and the demise and closure of other (physical) Private Members Clubs, such as The Devonshire Club, Mortons and the South Kensington Club (London) and Club 29 (Glasgow) etc.

Is it of any surprise why The Haurun Club is driving the exclusive and private, social networking space for Women who love Tech?

Is it also surprising when individuals of status who require privacy and security online are welcomed and seek Membership? I have invited a few contacts here on LinkedIn (half of which are female) and received interest and Membership applications.

I have already extended the ‘complimentary membership' through to 30 October 2023 for those invitees who returned from the summer break – overloaded with emails, messages, work, and family life, missing my invitation. Still open to those I have invited of course!

There are currently two books on the old established and new online private members clubs as detailed in both, Haurun Media (Amazon) and Behind Closed Doors: The Secret Life of London Private Members’ Clubs by Seth Alexander Thévoz published by Robinson.

Changes are being made and privacy is more and more prevalent in women and society generally. The Haurun Club addresses this perfectly!

It will not surprise you to note that my day is halved with addressing threats to access my Clubs, and investigations into where any ‘back-door' may be available. My clubs are ‘bullet-proof' and will continue to develop in the same, diligent, and exclusively private means.

I can reveal that female Memberships are now equal to those of men and this is one of my greatest achievements as balance, equality, fairness, and security are the four pillars of The Haurun Club's social networking community.

Have you received your invitation yet?

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The Haurun Club was the first of our unique collection of Online, Private Members Clubs within our global, genre-specific, Private Members Club Community. All private members clubs within our community are for individuals who wish to privately interact and share their lifestyles whilst receiving, first look exclusives from our Affiliate Members who are luxury brands, companies, and or organizations of quality and high regard.

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