TheRapidsRoofers In Grand Rapids MI, Announce Longer Operating Hours To Keep Up With Demand

A perfect storm of circumstances over the past two years has led to an unprecedented situation in the construction industry, including for commercial roofing contractors.


BATTLE CREEK, Mich.July 4, 2022PRLogTheRapidsRoofers, a leading roofing contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, today announced it has increased operating hours to meet increased demand. With the recent shortage in supplies, TheRapidsRoofers has seen an increase in demand, leading it to increase operating hours.

“The recent shortage in supplies has caused delays for homeowners needing roof repair,” said Ray Salyer, chief executive officer of TheRapidsRoofers. “Our goal is to clear the backlog before the cold season starts. We have hired additional staff members to keep up with the high demand and clear the backlog created by the shortage in supplies.”

We have hired additional staff to keep up with the high demand and clear the backlog created by the shortage in supplies.

About TheRapidsRoofers: TheRapidsRoofers is a leading supplier of roofing services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding areas. With a team of seasoned and highly reliable individuals who remain up to date with the industry's best practices.

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