New web app from NCS Colour bridges digital and physical


Discover NCS+ Web, developed for architects and designers who want to work digitally with colour.

NCS Colour has a long history of providing physical and digital colour design tools. In the past couple of years, NCS has worked on expanding the product ecosystem even better to support creative professionals in their work with colour. This has resulted in the latest addition to the NCS´ product portfolio: NCS+ Web, an innovative web app which bridges colour work with desktop compatibility.

We are super excited to launch the latest extension of the NCS product ecosystem. We believe this is the missing piece in our quest to fully empower impactful colour choices across the many domains of the creative industry.”
– Emil Bergwik, Product Manager, NCS Colour


NCS+ Web enables creative professionals to explore, select, collaborate and communicate colour, powered by the science behind NCS – Natural Colour System®.

  • Find the NCS Notation – translate colours to and from other formats such as RAL, RGB, CMYK, Hex and L*a*b.
  • Access NCS colour collections, including the additional 100 new colours and trend colours.
  • Navigator – this feature allows the user to visually select any colour and from that move in different directions, navigating amongst all 2050 NCS Standard colours.
  • Collaborative boards – add colours and images and share the results and palettes with colleagues or clients.
  • Combine – find harmonising colours based on hue, nuance, blackness or chromatics similarities.
  • Export data to other software such as Adobe, Figma or Powerpoint.


NCS+ Web is easily accessed via Choose between a monthly or yearly subscription plan, including two weeks free trial.
NCS+ is also available as a native app, meaning any changes made in the web app will be updated in real-time in the mobile version.

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NCS Colour is a global provider of universal colour communication solutions. For more than 40 years, NCS Colour has revolutionised how the world communicates colour and continues to do so. Based on NCS – Natural Colour System®, NCS Colour offers premium quality solutions such as physical references, digital applications and colour training to industries ranging from coating, Automotive, Architecture and Interior design. Founded in Sweden and headquartered in Stockholm, NCS Colour has sales in over 80 countries worldwide. The NCS System forms an international ASTM standard.

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