Aviation Competition Business Fly Comps Launches


Fly Comps, an aviation-based competition business, has launched in the UK. While not the first competition company, Fly Comps is truly unique in its offering, being the first to give entrants a chance to win aviation services and products.

What is so great about Fly Comps is that it is geared at all aviators, from seasoned pilots to those just starting out, and everyone in between. With a variety of prizes, lucky winners can become proud new owners of professional flying lessons, quality aviation products, and even top-of-the-range aircraft!

How does it work? 

To partake, users must simply visit flycomps.co.uk, choose the competition they wish to enter, and select the number of tickets they would like to purchase. Then, the entrant must answer a question correctly before completing their ticket purchase. The site will clearly state how many tickets there are and the ticket limit per person. Ticket numbers will then be emailed to the purchaser.

Fly Comps will draw a number at random, announcing the winning ticket via a Facebook Live video.

A spokesperson for the business commented:

“COVID-19 brought an increase in appetite for online competitions, lotteries, raffles and other thrill-seeking games of chance. It also saw people think about their goals and hobbies, seeing many start up new pastimes, like learning to fly planes. This was where the idea for Fly Comps came about.

We are thrilled with the level of interest our competitions have received and the bustling community we have created online.”

To further enhance its offering, Fly Comps has announced the introduction of a new rewards program, where competition entrants can collect ‘Fly Coins’. These accumulate and can be used to purchase tickets. Fly Coins are issued for various reasons, including purchasing tickets, referring Fly Comps to a peer, and even logging into your account daily.

Other services at Fly Comps 

As well as aviation competitions, Fly Comps is also a great resource for those seeking aviation supplies. Through the website, users can purchase items such as cockpit accessories, cameras, training equipment, GPS systems, and so on. Visitors of flycomps.co.uk can also compare hundreds of UK flying schools via the site’s online directory.

“Our aim is to develop Fly Comps into a central resource for aviation enthusiasts, and we believe we are well on our way to achieving that mission” continues the brand’s spokesperson.

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