5 Meme Coins Traders Think Could Pump This Week

5 Meme Coins Traders Think Could Pump This Week

While Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto markets have stalled over recent months, meme coin season has been unfazed.

With tokens like Pepe continuing to rise and many other meme coins making waves, let’s take a look at 5 that could surge this week.

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes is a brand new meme coin that’s approaching the $12 million mark in its presale.

While several traders like Michael Wrubel have backed the coin, the most notable feature of Wall Street Memes is that it has a one-million-strong community across its social media channels.

Although the meme coin is newly launched, the Wall Street Memes brand rose to prominence in 2021. That year, it began posting crypto and stock memes on social media and then released the Wall St Bulls NFT collection. The collection sold out in 32 minutes, showing that the community has backed the project since the beginning.

More recently, some of the world’s most famous individuals have recognized Wall Street Memes. For example, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly engaged with the project.

The presale is split into 30 rounds, with the price climbing incrementally in each.  The Wall Street Memes presale is in round 20, so there are not many rounds left to get $WSM at a discounted price.

Having raised so much in just a couple of months, hope is high for Wall Street Memes to explode in the near future.


Pepe had a wildly successful month in June and is up 37% in the last 31 days. Although it was dumped in the first half of June, the price has since made a spectacular recovery, up 88% from its June lows.

Pepe enjoyed one of the most successful bear market runs of any crypto following its launch in April. Despite offering no utility, the coin reached an astounding $1.8 billion market cap less than one month after launching.

Many critics believed the Pepe hype would be short-lived, but its recent recovery shows investors remain confident in the token’s future.

Pepe’s recent surge also means the price is headed towards the Fibonacci Retracement “golden zone”. A reversal could be imminent once it can sustain a price in this zone.

Popular Twitter influencer @Sherlockrypto recently called for a bullish breakout for Pepe, setting a price target of $0.00000193.

Thug Life

Thug Life is another presale meme coin touted to explode this week. The project launched last week and got off to a fast start, having currently raised $240K.

In a recent YouTube video, crypto trader Jacob Bury covered Thug Life, highlighting it has 10X potential. Thug Life has already begun to build a strong community, with multiple Twitter posts receiving over 1K likes, despite having just 2.7K followers.

However, the reason Thug Life is hailed as the next meme coin to explode is that it is a small-cap meme coin. The presale has a hard cap of $2,058,000, and 70% of all the tokens are available during the presale. This puts the market cap at launch at $2,940,000.

The Thug Life token aims to build a degen community of meme coin traders looking to recover their losses and retake missed opportunities. According to its website, the community will “ride or die to take $THUG to new heights”.

SafeMoon 3.0

SafeMoon rose to prominence in 2021; it became renowned as one of the best crypto meme coins. However, the token has suffered countless scandals since, causing its price to plunge over 99%.

Still, SafeMoon has a strong community with over 300K holders, and the latest rendition of the coin, SafeMoon 3.0, aims to capitalize on this.

SafeMoon 3.0 comes following the launch of other 2.0 meta coins like Pepe 2.0 and Shiba 2.0. These coins have enjoyed significant popularity, giving investors hope of catching a run they missed the first time.

After its launch, SFM3.0 exploded, doing a 5X in three hours. However, the initial surge was followed by a sell-off.

Currently, the price has begun making a recovery. Considering the recent sell-off, this could be the perfect time to buy before the next leg up.

Joe Rogan

Based on the popular podcaster, comedian, and UFC commentator, the Joe Rogan meme coin has recently caused a stir, climbing a staggering 18,000%.

After launching on 24 June, the project went relatively unnoticed. That is until today, when traders have raced to scoop up the coin, causing its price to explode.

The Joe Rogan coin website does not give much away; it simply has an image, a Joe Rogan quote, and links to the project’s Uniswap and social media channels. Moreover, the project’s Twitter is also mysterious, with just one tweet, but almost 5k followers.

Consequently, the project remains in its very early stages. Still, the popularity of Joe Rogan has caused the meme coin to amass a $1.16 million market cap and gain the top spot on DEXTool's daily gainer list.

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