Seven Rules To Live By For A Happier Life

In quantum physics, vibration means that everything is energy. We are beings that vibrate at certain frequencies. Each vibration has a feeling associated with it. In the “vibrational” world, there are only two types of vibrations, the positive and the negative. Any feeling can cause you to emit a vibration that can be positive or negative.

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What you think about affects what happens to you. This is because your thoughts create a frequency that goes out into the universe, and then the universe sends that frequency back to you. So if you're thinking negative thoughts, like discouragement, sadness, anger, or fear, those thoughts will come back to you. That's why it's so important to be careful about the kind of thoughts you have and learn to think more positively.

What you put out comes back to you. So if you have positive, happy people around you, then you will be in a good mood and be more likely to attract good things into your life. But if you have negative people around you, they can bring down your mood and make it harder for you to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want.


The music we listen to can have a powerful effect on us. If we only listen to music that speaks of death, betrayal, sadness, or abandonment, those things will start to affect us more and more. It's important to pay attention to the lyrics of the music we listen to, because it can lower our vibrational frequency. Remember: We attract into our lives what we vibrate.

When you watch programs that deal with difficult things, your brain accepts that as a reality. This can cause your body to have a chemical reaction, which lowers your vibrational frequency. See things that make you happy and help you vibrate at a higher frequency.


If you are always in a messy and dirty environment, this will also affect your mood and how you feel. To improve things, clean up your surroundings and make them more organized. This will show the Universe that you are ready to receive more good things. Take care of what you already have.

If you're always complaining or speaking badly about things and people, this lowers your vibrational frequency. In order to stay at a high frequency, it's important that you stop complaining and speaking badly about others. You should also avoid creating dramas and playing the victim role. Take responsibility for the choices you make in life.

When you are grateful, your vibrational frequency rises. This is a good habit to have, and it is something you should start doing now. Be grateful for everything, both the good and the bad, and for all the experiences you have had in life. Being grateful will attract good things into your life.

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