Creative Commons Announces Better Sharing Campaign

Creative Commons

Our Better Sharing campaign is coming to a close. Carl, we’re down to the wire and could use your help in meeting our $25,000 goal.

CC believes opening up knowledge is key to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. We want to open up research, data and educational resources to address the Climate Crisis, offer trainings on CC licenses for journalists confronting financial constraints and the challenges of “fake news,” uplift cultural heritage institutions seeking to open up their collections, and help national governments safeguard access to knowledge as a human right.

To make this happen, they need your support

There are many ways to chip in. You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor using our secure online donation form. You can also donate via check, Donor Advised Fund (DAF), employee match, wire transfer, or gift stocks or securities. We also accept donations on and Endaoment.

Check out our Donor FAQ or email for more detail.

We also know not everyone has the capacity to give.  You can see all the ways to get involved in CC and our Better Sharing campaign below.

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