Swedish engineer grows with suburban district, salutes vibrant environment

Swedish engineer grows with suburban district, salutes vibrant environment

Per Edberg has been the senior director of Complete Vehicle Engineering with Volvo Car Asia Pacific since August 2018.

The Swede's work is to support Volvo Car Asia Pacific to achieve its research and development goals, so the company can more comprehensively develop and integrate new technologies and better serve the new car projects.

“It's a challenge, but it's also an opportunity. If I look at what we have invested here in Jiading since I came here, we have built a new battery and E-motor lab,” Edberg said.

He believes that Volvo, as an automobile enterprise, assumes the responsibility to make energy conservation and emission reduction changes to ensure environmental sustainability.

Edberg is responsible for work ranging from advanced engineering to verification of new cars to be launched, including battery and motor testing, complete vehicle thermal testing and volatile organic compound testing.

Per Edberg works as a supervisor who helps in advanced engineering and verifying new cars.

When people think of safety, accidents and collisions may come to mind.

But in actuality, the scope of safety is much wider and deals more with protecting families, the living environment and the world. According to Edberg, this is also why Volvo Cars regard sustainability as an important part.

People can be strong, but the team is always stronger. There are more than 200 people in his team. They often talk about collaboration rather than cooperation. Cooperation is to work together, while collaboration is to think together and rely on the team's strength to complete a task jointly.

Edberg believes that as a supervisor, it is very important for him to support his team at any time. He also learns a lot from his colleagues, which is an important part of Volvo's culture.

Edberg recalled eating snow and skating on lakes in Sweden as a child but says now the environment is different.

Swedish engineer grows with suburban district, salutes vibrant environment

Lu Lianghui

Per Edberg takes a group selfie with his colleagues at Volvo Car Asia Pacific to build team spirit.

In his eyes, Chinese culture is fascinating and quite similar to Sweden's in some ways. It respects all people and experiences. He has been to many cities in China and has also made personal explorations in Jiading District, where he resides.

“Walking through the alleys, you can find local food and meet very friendly people. Compared with the place where I was born, Jiading is a bigger area,” he said.

“Jiading is doing a very good job in attracting new companies, not just automotive firms but also suppliers and high-tech companies, so I find it a very vibrant and interesting environment. We have good cooperation with the Jiading District government and with the Jiading Industrial Zone,” he noted.


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