Several vehicles seized for trampling on local plant environment

Several vehicles seized for trampling on local plant environment

DOHA: The Department of Natural Reserves at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) took action against several violators for trampling the local plant environment.

In a tweet, MoECC said that it had taken the necessary legal measures against individuals who drove their vehicles into the Al-Rawd area, which the Ministry had previously announced is under protection.

The Ministry calls upon all vehicle drivers and visitors to adhere to the Ministry's instructions not to enter the botanical environment and natural reserves with vehicles, stressing that vehicles are limited to using paved roads to protect the environment and wildlife in Qatar.

Recently, four trucks were seized for tampering with the natural environment by driving through meadows. The Ministry called on heavy vehicle drivers and campers visiting the camping areas not to drive their vehicles into meadows and vegetable flats.


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