Our Environment Is Safer And More Efficient With Technology: PSI-Mexico

Our Environment Is Safer And More Efficient With Technology: PSI-Mexico

You have technology at your fingertips in the form of earthquake alerts.

The future of safety, security and social mobility benefits from new technologies and artificial intelligence, which gradually make our environment safer and more efficient, said researcher Ezequiel Aguíniga of PSI-Mexico.

“Today, technology puts us at our fingertips, for example, alerts for earthquakes, tsunamis, rain or drought; it helps us locate areas of danger or risk; humanitarian aid, food supplies, medicine.

“They take the heart rate, even based on the data obtained, to comprehensively manage emergency support services before authorities such as firefighters, aid, police or rescue,” explained engineer Ezequiel Aguíniga.

In the context of earthquakes, such as the one that occurred on September 19 with a magnitude of 7.7, which had an epicentre in the region of Michoacán, and which still keeps the population and authorities on alert, the researcher recommended the use of technology applications.

“They have been developed in different parts of the world, especially in Asia, which have a Spanish translation, which are free and which skillfully alert the population, which we should use permanently,” he explained.

The chairman of the board of directors of the PSI-Mexico technology company also noted that substantial progress had been made in terms of autonomy in mobility, where the country occupies an important place in scientific progress.

“Autonomy makes vehicles safer, with obviously safer traffic, and much more comfortable. But the real added value of fully autonomous cars is being questioned,” he explained.

“Furthermore, he assures, artificial intelligence influences transportation planning, as it aligns data on search and on-demand, in addition, it monitors travel behaviour,” said the Mexican researcher.

He cautioned that artificial intelligence already dramatically increases the efficiency of people, products, services and public governance in logistics.

He recalled that China and the United States are currently the leaders in electromobility, especially because of China’s important strategic position concerning mining resources.

In the case of Mexico, he pointed out, the prospects are positive as the region faces the challenge of moving toward intelligent, efficient and safe mobility, now with lithium production in the north of the country, a good economic situation for any nation in the world.

To break down the barriers preventing investment in smart mobility projects in the region, he found it necessary to encourage the purchase of smart technology and focus infrastructure on security.

“Ultimately, the underlying security comes primarily from infrastructure design and smart vehicles,” said engineer Ezequiel Aguiniga.



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