Morocco Bans Lady of Heaven Film

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The authorities in Morocco have banned the film “Lady of Heaven,” which is about the life of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. However, the country's religious council said the film was misleading and inaccurate.

In the UK, protests against the film have been held. Other countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq have also denounced it. The council of Muslims in Morocco criticized the film for being inaccurate and for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. According to state media, the filmmakers sought to create a fame and sensationalism by hurting the religious sensitivities of the people.

Movie ticketAccording to the BBC's Religion Editor, Al-Alema Maqbool, the film's critics were angered by how Yasser Al-Habib, a Shia Muslim preacher, portrayed prominent figures in early Sunni Islam. He said that the depiction of these individuals in the film might imply that they share similar actions with the Islamic State group in Iraq.

Film producer Shlibak has criticized those who want to ban the film on his social media platforms, saying that it is bigotry and that those who don't like it should not watch it. He also claimed that not all Muslims agree with the film's content. Following protests outside some of the UK's cinema locations, the company behind the film “The Lady of Heaven” decided to cancel its screenings.

The decision by the film's producers to cancel the screenings sparked anger among some Muslims. According to Maqbool, the small number of people who organized protests against the film may have inadvertently helped in the establishment of censorship procedures.

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