Church of England now openly supports same sex marriage

Steven Croft

The British Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft, believes the Church of England should allow marriage for same-sex partners. In a 50-plus page essay, he apologizes for the Church's attitude toward the lhbtiq+ community, which Croft says has been subjected to “pain and suffering” for years.

As Bishop of Oxford, Croft is the most senior member of the Anglican Church to speak out so strongly in favor of marriage for same-sex partners. In his essay, he acknowledges that his own views have “slowly changed,” writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

Croft calls for “love and respect” for lhbtiq+ people and their families, both inside and outside the church. “Love and respect for all who think differently,” the bishop added.

Not only does Croft want marriage for same-sex partners to be allowed within the church. Clergy should also be allowed to marry someone of their own sex, according to the bishop.

The Church of England does not allow its priests to perform marriages for same-sex partners. It would go against the Church's teaching that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Marriage for same-sex partners has been legal in England since 2013.

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