‘Style Can Be Super Affordable’: Thrift Shopping Saves Money

'Style Can Be Super Affordable': Thrift Shopping Saves Money

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY — Thrifting is a great way to save money and is suitable for the environment.

Suma DiMeo is a thrifting influencer who says it is the best way to find clothes for her son.

“I love finding things that are one of a kind, and I feel like thrifting allows you to find those things, and what started my social media was teaching people that style can be super affordable,”

DiMeo says that she buys clothes for her son and gets them for the cheapest price through thrifting.

“His outfit for the first day of school was 10 dollars. If I had bought that at a store, it would've been 30 dollars. I am saving so much and him growing out of the clothes so fast, every outfit he ways an item is thrift,” said DiMeo.

According to Coupon Follow, thrift store shoppers save nearly 1,800 dollars a year by shopping secondhand.

Sixty-two percent of Gen-Z and millennials prefer shopping secondhand over buying new.

In 2018, Americans generated 13 million tons of clothing and shoe waste, according to the EPA.

This is where Goodwill Marketing Manager Linda Maraszek comes in.

Buying from the 11 goodwill locations is not only environmentally friendly, but you are also supporting employees in developing workforce skills.

“People donate to Goodwill, and those items go right on our shelves. We have new merchandise coming in daily. When you buy that brand name shirt, you're supporting workforce development because Goodwill's mission is to help people keep jobs,” said Maraszek.

Although thrifting may seem overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities DiMeo has some tips:

1. Check every section
2. Buy oversized and pair with a belt
3. Check the go-back racks

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