iPhone 15 Pro Review

iPhone 15 Pro Review

The addition of USB-C and the power to comfortably run AAA games makes the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max worth the upgrade.
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How to Design an Inviting Entrance Hall

Your hallway is the first thing that people will see when they enter your home. Despite this, it’s surprising how many people neglect the entrance hall in favour of renovating other areas... Read more »
Nintendo Briefed Activision on Switch 2 Late 2022, Performance Discussed

Nintendo Briefed Activision on Switch 2 Late 2022, Performance Discussed

Nintendo briefed Call of Duty maker Activision on its upcoming hardware in December 2022.
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What is DLSS and Why Does it Matter for Gaming?

What is DLSS and Why Does it Matter for Gaming?

A deep dive into Nvidia's PC gaming tech.
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The Yachts Cars and Jets Club supports new business at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023

In celebration of this year’s Monaco Yacht Show 2023, I invite you to receive a Complimentary Membership of The Haurun Club as either a Member or Affiliate Member. In celebration of this year’s... Read more »

Could 100 Bitcoin BSC Make You a Millionaire? Here’s Why BTCBSC Crypto Might Be The Next Coin to Explode

If you had bought $100 of Bitcoin in 2011, it would have been worth $3m when BTC was trading at $30,000 earlier this year – could Bitcoin BSC (https://www.bitcoinbsc.io/) repeat that feat? [Bitcoin BSC... Read more »

Worse Results And More Drop-Outs When Teaching Is In English

[image] Using English as the language of instruction in higher education has a marked negative impact on learning outcomes when it is not the students’ first language, according to a new study... Read more »

Ovako invests over 17 million Euros in a Vacuum Tank Degassing facility at its Hofors site

Ovako announces a major investment in a cutting-edge vacuum tank degassing facility at its Hofors mill. This 17-million Euro commitment is a testament to Ovako's dedication to advance our metallurgy, and displays the... Read more »

Finnish Furniture Re-commerce Shop Mjuk Raises 2.5m To Ensure Minimal Waste For Brands And The Best Prices For Consumers

Brands struggle with overstock and returned products, as they take up expensive warehouse space and can’t be reintegrated into their own sales channels. Mjuk’s end-to-end circular marketplace enables responsible brands to sell... Read more »

ABS Joins Landmark Project for Dual-Fuel Ammonia Carrier

[image] (SINGAPORE) At Gastech 2023, ABS signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to review an innovative new design from HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for a dual-fuel, very large ammonia carrier (VLAC)... Read more »